MadCool: a popular slang term that is used to describe an object that is excellent or first-rate.

madcool networkMadCool Network is located in Soho, New York. Our company creates and manages various E-commerce and entertainment web sites. Our mission is to connect people from around the world with web sites that they can enjoy and trust. Our goal for each online destination in our network is to be one of the best if not the best in their field.

Quick History on MadCool Network
The original "MadCool" web site was created back in June 1998 as a fun hobby site by founder, Ben Li. It quickly grew in popularity, and won multiple awards. Some of the sections was so popular that we decided to branch it off as a complete stand alone site. Not long after, MadCool Network was born.

madcool smileyMadCool Network has grown far beyond our original expectations. Through the hard work of the madcool team, and various partnerships, it grew from a fun personal web site back in June 1998, to what it is today. The MadCool Network have achieved many milestones through out the years, and has won numerous awards such as Best Shopping Website from New York Magazine. Some of our web sites are highly ranked in their category, as well as in general websites world wide.

Watch for us as we continue to expand and grow into the future.

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Our network consists of: is an leading online Asian destination that offers free event coverage, chat, email, exclusive content, pictures, and more on Asian culture. A popular online destination for free entertainment content such as games, jokes, pictures, videos, and much more!

KKDiscount: Asian SuperStore: A leading destination for purchasing Asian products. provides a free resource directory for all webmasters who wants to make their site more successful. Professional services includes graphic design, web templates, and more. is a popular online destination for info, interviews, pictures and more on your favorite celebrity, idols, and models! Popular online Asian dating site A free professional poker information site that is simple and easy for people of all skill levels to use and learn.

These websites are just a sample of the variety of websites that we own.
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